The Ride Back Home

*This is a daily experience. 😀

It was four in the afternoon, and as my mind spaced out while I was looking at the window, finally the school bell rang. I still wasn’t in the right mind, but at least I had a grasp of what I am going to do after the class dismissed. I stood up, took my notebooks from my desk and and inserted them forcibly into my bag, which fitted snugly after doing so. After slinging the bag over my shoulders, I put my earphones on and went to the school gate, planning to go home.

It is quite fascinating how a piece of magnetized metal receiving electrical signals from a portable electronic device could change the way the mind works.  As I was walking towards the gate, I took my phone from my left pocket and changed the music playlist that was playing in my phone. After I placed my phone back into the pocket, I looked to the far distance, seeing the jeepney taking in passengers at the gate. I rushed towards the vehicle, trying to race the others for the front seat. I got the seat that I wanted, and then the jeepney left.

I realized that I still had to do some homework when I get home, so I thought of a work schedule so that I could have free time after doing a lot of work. I thought of the games I would play after doing homework. I still haven’t finished Far Cry 3, and I was so excited to see the ending. So I planned to play that game later that night. Speaking of games, I also thought of new combos and techniques I could do in the online game that I’m playing. I did a rewind of my good memories about the game, motivating me to finish my schoolwork quickly. Memories after memories, I stumbled upon a memory about my crush. I went back all the way since I’ve met her, and I mentally investigated if she really likes me. I then realized the mistakes that I have made and for a while, it made me look down in regret. I then devised a plan how to invite her for a date. I checked if she was busy during the weekends. I thought that she’s free on such days, but then I said to myself that I still couldn’t do it anyway. Then I thought that if I could go back time, I could do it all over again and make things much better. So I thought about the Special Theory of Relativity. I thought that as you get closer to the speed of light, things go slower and shorter, and if you go faster than the speed of light, then time and distance becomes negative, allowing the return of events. Then I heard something, and it seemed like someone was telling me something.

The driver of the jeepney told me that we have reached the end and that he’ll drop all the passengers at that point, so I got off the seat and crossed the road, going for another trip straight to home. Finally, I was in my right mind then.


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