Four Years

It was the second day of our batch retreat. It was morning, and we were called for the last session of the day. All my batchmates gathered in the hall, awaiting for the last activity to start. Our facilitator first made a demonstration about ‘trust’, and then he succeeded to the final event. We were grouped into partners, and we were told to share anything we want to our partner with all our trust.

It was the first time I cried so hard in front of my best friend.

Then, everything was a barrage of flashbacks. I told my best friend everything I wanted to tell him. I asked him for his forgiveness for every mistake that I made before. I told him that I’m really going to miss him. He insisted that I’m not going to miss him because we’re going to meet in college anyway, however I can’t help but to cry and just throw out all my feelings.

Everything came back to me; how we first met, how we had the same crush when we were in second year, how stupid we were before, and everything that’s between us– in our four years in Pisay.

Then I noticed that everyone around me started to stand up. As they were talking with their friends, tears already came out for the others. I also stood up, and tried to find my other best friend, and I apologized to him. I tried to hold back my tears, but as I talked and talked about my memories with him, my tears can’t help but fall.

In the midst of all of this, suddenly I asked myself:

“Did I just waste my four years here in Pisay doing mostly nothing?”

But I didn’t want to hold regrets. All I wanted to do at that time, was to tell my friends that I really treasure the memories I had with them.

— and to say thanks for everything.

Four years

  • of studies
  • of cramming
  • of COOP food
  • of memories
  • of laughter
  • of tears
  • of fun
  • of hardships
  • of experience
  • of high school in Pisay

Four years

It may feel like a long time, but to what happened this morning, it all just felt like yesterday. For every friend I faced, memories flashed again and again. And it pains me to know that we have to depart. Four years is all we have here in Pisay, and it is about to end. And as we slowly depart from our beloved high school, what will remain will be our memories. Memories that we will forever treasure in our hearts.

To all my batch mates, I’m going to miss all of you.
Thank you for everything.


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