It is the age of transition from childhood towards adulthood.
It is the time when most teens try to find themselves.
It is the part of our lives where we do things to make ourselves feel young like a kid, at the same time making decisions to make us feel independent and capable, much like an adult.

(c) Anime: K-On!

(c) K-On!

We are pulled between our desires and our duties, and usually, it is ourselves where we usually tend to. Instead of listening to our parents or teachers, we deny them. Sometimes, we are just too stubborn that we run away from home, or find a place where we could indulge ourselves with pleasure.


We keep running away from our responsibilities and duties.
We are running away from our problems.

If we stumble upon a nasty predicament, we usually just leave it in our parents’ hands. But yet, sometimes, we are afraid about having our parents know about the things we did wrong, and then we merely let our problems take place, forgetting it as it rots over time and getting nastier as every minute goes by. Because of this, most people couldn’t trust us. We lie, we cheat and we hide just to get away from the blight of our problems.

The worst thing about this, is that, we are not cognizant of the horrific things we are faring, the terrible habits we possess, and the terrible consequences that lie ahead.

I am a teenager –and this is my realization. I am already at the point where regrets are showing up, where the consequences are at the front of my doorstep, and where the reflections of my errors are inevitably flooding into my head.

When we are at this point in our teenage life, we can now see clearly what we did wrong in the past, and we will greatly regret it. We will hate our past selves for our stupidity. We will hate our recent selves for the burden we have given to our parents and our loved ones, who were in constant worry and support towards us. And finally, when it gets to the point where we realize that we have become a failure to ourselves and to those who love us, we can’t help but cry. We cry because we know that what’s done is done. Our consequences will eventually barge right into our front door, and we’ll just have to face reality. We’ll have to accept our mistakes, and learn from them.

In the end, we panic, we regret and we cry.

Right now, all I’m hoping for is another chance to start all over again.
Another chance to do what’s right.
Another chance to make my parents and my loved ones proud.
Another chance to become trusted.

And when that chance comes, I know that I will change myself to become a better person, and I will never regret again.

Anime: Angel Beats If you have watched the anime, you understand why. Don't regret again. :)

(c) Angel Beats
If you have watched the anime, you’ll understand why. Don’t regret again. 🙂


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