Please hear me out.

It has been 7 months already since I’ve said goodbye to you. I know we’ve changed.

Our hearts have changed.
Our minds have changed.
Our feelings have changed.
Everything has changed.

I admit, I really loved you since the beginning. I loved you for 4 years, from the time we first met. You were still small, but I was smaller. You were taller than me when we first met. Your hair was still very long, which you used to comb a lot. But what really struck me before, was the kind of music you were listening to. And I’ve learned how to love that kind of music, and I’m very grateful for that.

Remember the first time I asked you to dance? You know, I never thought I could do that. It took me all of my guts. I was very scared at that time, thinking that you might reject me. However, you took my hand. And we danced. And that was the very first moment I’ve watched you smile so brightly.

But after that moment, I already lost myself. I was traveling a road that was leading to tragedy. And I admit, it was all my mistake. I really believed in us. I always hoped that there’s going to be us, that we could be together. But everything was just a temporary bliss. In the end, you didn’t accept me, but I know at some point, that you almost did.

But that almost didn’t matter, because we never even became together.

I’m really sorry. You gave me a lot of chances, but I never had the guts to pursue.

I just waited.
You also waited.
In the end, it just didn’t work out.

That’s why I couldn’t blame you, but only myself. All those four years of hoping. I was just hoping, but I never did anything.

Nevertheless, thank you.
Thanks for the music you shared with me. Thanks for the good things you taught me. Thank you for being ‘there’ for me. Finally, thank you for teaching me how to move on.


You’ve changed.
I used to like your long hair.
Your beautiful face.
Your sweet smile.
Your lovely voice.
Your intoxicating smell.


I’ve always loved you. But I have to say goodbye. Nothing could help us now. I’m not going to spend my life just thinking about you.

I know it’s sad for the both of us, but please remember:
There’s someone who really loved you with all his heart. And you were his whole world. And you made him fall so hard.

And it was me.

Truly yours,


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