I missed these feelings– anticipation, worry, doubt, excitement. That’s how terrible love is; your emotions become out of control.

And that’s also the beautiful thing about love—
it makes you live with so much emotion.

I thought I’ve already moved on. I thought that the last time I’ve said that was the end.
And I have never been so wrong.

You know, I have said those same words countless times already.

“I have moved on.”

And every time I said those words, there was only one thought that comes to my mind.
It has always been you.

And that is how you make the most beautiful lie of all.

I have been fighting for more than four years. I only stopped because I believed it was already completely impossible for me. I was wrong.

But then again, I could also be wrong, thinking I have a chance. But that doubt will not stop me this time. It doesn’t matter if I’d end up broken or miserable. I don’t care if I’ll fail or lose my fight. It’s because–

–the one who wins the fight is the one who tried.


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