Love is selfish. Definitely selfish.
You want that person to care. You demand for trust. You are expecting that person to be by your side.

However, love is also selfless.
You are willing to give your all to that person. You spend your time, money and energy for the one you love.

Love is mutual–
and this is what we desire,
for us to be happy.

We demand and sacrifice, for the sake of happiness.

But there’s one thing that we’re all afraid of:
What is love when that person doesn’t love you back?

Mutual love is painful, because you have to sacrifice yourself. However, a one-sided love is more painful; You can only be selfless. You cannot be selfish and demand something from someone that doesn’t even care about you.

—And the saddest thing about this,

is that your desire for happiness, to be with the one you love,

is far from reality.

Some people would do anything. They would change everything about themselves to fit the criteria. But in the end, it all depends on that person. It depends if she accepts you or not.

But what doesn’t change is the desire for happiness. Even if it hurts us, even if we get sad, we still hope. We hope because of that desire. We still think that there’s still ‘happiness’ at the end of the road

That is what a one-sided love is all about.

A feeling of pain mixed with a desire of hope. And it’s pretty messed up.

But it’s not going to end up like that forever.
That’s why we change. Because someday, there will be a time when somebody will finally accept you.

There will be tears. There will be pain. But in the end, there will be a person waiting for you– and it will be your happiness.


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