I admit I was once a coward. I kept on running away. When you gave me a chance, I took it for granted.

Why was I afraid?
Maybe I was afraid that you would reject me.
Maybe I was afraid that you’d think I’m rushing things.
Most probably, maybe I was just afraid that I’m not good enough.

And it was one of my biggest mistakes. We did not understand each other. I refused to communicate.

And it’s all because I loved you, but I was afraid of you.

And I’m begging you to have some courage right now.

I don’t want things to be the same like before.
It was a disaster.

And right now I’m still sending letters to you.

Are we still going to wait, like before?
Are we still going to keep silent and misunderstand each other, like before?
We know that we don’t want to make the same mistakes anymore, because it really hurt us like hell.

Frankly speaking,
I’m giving you a chance. But will you give me a chance, too?

That is the only question there is.
And no matter how long you’re going to take to answer, I will still be waiting and sending letters.

I know you’re pretty, smart and witty.
But I also know you’re scared.

I’m scared, too.

Truly yours,


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