It’s a horrifying word.
And it is probably one of the saddest.

          not quite; very nearly.*

*(c) Google


We were almost there.
There was almost something.
You almost loved me.

It’s scary.
You don’t know when it’s going to hit you.
It leads you to what you’d like to attain, and just when you think you’ve already got it, you actually don’t. You only know that you’ve lost when you’re almost winning.

It makes you realize that everything was an illusion before you failed.
It also makes you blame yourself, because you actually believed that illusion.

And the saddest part is when you realize that if only you did better, you would have got it.
If only you did something different, you would have succeeded.

Almost. It is truly the most agonizing pain. Breaking someone’s heart with an ‘almost’ is cruel, but inevitable at times.

When you try to love someone back, it’s a difficult task. Most of the time, it turns out like an asymptote. You get nearer and nearer, but you don’t know if you’d really reach that line. At some points you might think that it’s not going to happen, but then you would take risks and give chances. And when you get nearer and nearer, sometimes you’ll realize that it’s really not going to happen. Your hearts are not going to meet, despite how close you already are. Even if it takes forever, you paths will not cross.

You were almost there.

But in the end, there’s nothing.
The results are negative. You miserably failed. And it will hurt.

And the longer it takes, the closer you will be and it will hurt even more.
And that’s why it’s sometimes inevitable. We all like to return something to those who give. But it’s not always the case that we’re willing to give our all. Give too much and the other one might not give enough change and reject your offer.

I don’t even know how to end this post.
But at least, it’s almost finished


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