My heart is a living being. More like a pet, though.

My heart is a mess.
It jumps every time it sees something from the other side of our house. If my heart had a tail, it would wag its tail uncontrollably every single time it looks across.
It also gets depressed so easily.
It gets really excited every time it hears something from the other side.
It gets nervous when we cross the road.

My heart’s pretty annoying.
I had a hard time taming it. Up to now, it still gets off its leash from time to time.
I’ve told it to stop reacting so much, but it just won’t stop.
I tried taking control of it, but most of the time, it does things of its own.

I feel sad for my heart.
I’ve spent a lot of time mending it. It always comes back to me and tells me, “I got hurt again”. I tried to build a small fence, but it just keeps on jumping over it. What did it find on the other side of the fence that made it so determined, even if it gets hurt every time?

My heart has been constantly chasing something.
Sometimes, I don’t even care about it and just leave it to chase. There was a time when it didn’t even come back. At that point, I was afraid. Did it find a better home?

My heart did not come back. I was afraid that something might have happened to it. I desperately searched for it, looking for different places. It took me a lot of days trying to think where it could be. It might be dead already, but I was hopeful that it’s still safe. I was desperate, worried, and miserable. I was feeling empty, wandering for days and hoping I could still find it. I almost gave up, so I went back to our house.

I heard a bark. A familiar one. It was calling me. I was wondering why I haven’t heard that familiar bark across my own house. It was maybe because I was lost too far from home. The familiar bark intensified. I checked the fence on the other side and looked over. It was my heart. It seemed to have found its home. It was happy, but I sensed a feeling of worry in its eyes. Why was it there? Then something crept across the fence, and I was dumbfounded.

“So that’s it.”

It was another heart. It was the heart of someone. I unconsciously smiled while thinking what kind of person owns that heart. Finally she went out of her home, and greeted me timidly from afar. She went closer and inspected me. I awkwardly said hi, and you responded in a similar fashion.  Suddenly, my own heart jumped for joy, too.

The girl that owned the other heart was someone like no other. I was captivated. She’s small but pretty. She’s funny and her voice was lovely. And I couldn’t stop smiling even if I wasn’t aware of it.

I tried to call my own heart to come back to me, but I wouldn’t. It looked like it wanted to stay there forever. So, I had no choice. The only way for my heart to come back to me is to be with that girl.

So I tried.
And I really hoped for a happily ever after.

Truly yours,


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