When We Wait

Knock on that person’s door and you would probably wait for a reply.

Will the door open?
Will there be an answer?
But what happens if no one’s there on the other side?

Then the wait will last forever.
And that’s the longest kind of wait a person could ever experience.

“To wait for nothing.”

Uncertainty is what prevents us to leave the door that’s in front of us.
What if the door is going to open the moment we leave?
That’s why we’re afraid of leaving.

We knock and we knock. There’s no answer. We knock again after some time.
We may become impatient. We may get the feeling that we have to leave. But we have to keep on waiting. It’s the promise– to wait. Sometimes, we ask the neighbors if the person’s home; however, all we get are vague answers.

Finally, we would think that probably no one’s there. That’s why we run away. We are afraid that there’s nothing to wait for. We are afraid that it could just be a waste of time.

Maybe that’s just the way it is.

Maybe it takes forever for the door to open.

Nevertheless, if ever that the person on the other side is going to open the door, at least they would be glad to see us waiting.


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