Beyond the Darkness

It was dark. Everything was dark around him.
However, he felt safe. He quite noticed that he was moving slowly, in rhythm.
The faint melody, which was somewhat familiar to him, grew louder and louder.
Then, he heard a voice, disembodied from the darkness. It was a voice of a girl, singing to the melody.
Every step he makes is in rhythm with the beautiful music. He also felt a surge of emotions from the beating of the sound.
However, he felt some warmness on his shoulders. After his sense of touch regained consciousness, he realized that his hands were softly embracing someone, as if it’s so fragile that it needs to be protected.
The pitch black surroundings slowly became saturated with a little bit of light, but it was still difficult for him to see clearly.
Yet, he saw a face. Amid the dim light, her face illuminated; it was like a shining moon on a starless sky.
She was looking away, but holding him ever so tightly.
They were dancing slowly but gracefully along with the sweet music. Every second, the lovely sound was gripping their hearts with emotion.
And he felt that they were connected; he thought he has felt her heart.
But it was still full of darkness around them. Her bright face slowly went dimmer. In the end, he couldn’t tell the look on her face.

However, it was all that he had. He hoped that it would last forever, despite the sound going weaker and weaker as time slowly passed. It slowly became dark, almost pitch-black. The music slowly disappeared. The warmth, which made him feel safe, became cold.

But he was smiling. All of it was probably gone, but he never felt any kind of sadness.
Even if it lasted for just a short time, it was one of the very few moments that he was completely happy. And at that moment, what only mattered to him was to experience the same feeling again.


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