The List of Everything About You

Don’t get me started with this. If I were to enumerate the things that make me crazy on a daily basis, it’s going to be a really loooooooong list. And probably, 95% of the list would actually be about you.

The problem is that it’s too much, that it overwhelms me. In my eyes, you are too beautiful– and there’s no one else other than you.

You know, you have a smile that is so perfect to me, and every time I see it, I can’t help but fall even harder. Every single day, I swear I’m falling even harder. Your short hair, the pretty expressions that you make, your awkward gestures, your cute laugh, your mesmerizing voice— the list goes on. You may not be perfect, but in my eyes, you are. Once again, you are infallible.

You are awkward. You fawn over books and bands. You eat slowly. Sometimes, you have a weird laugh. You always have this white earring on your ear. You look good with glasses. You always wear jeans. If I would add more to this list, I would sound like a stalker (I’m not), but dear, this is what I notice about you– even the little things that you do. And I like them, because it’s all about you.

I am sorry that I feel this way. Sometimes, I think that maybe, I’m not good enough for you. But I will do my best, and try to add more to that list of mine– the list of everything I like about you. What I mean is: please realize that, to a certain person, you’re the most beautiful one. And whenever he looks at you, he hopes with all his might that you’ll look back too.


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