A Failed Love Story’s Epilogue

It has been more than a year since we last said goodbye to each other.
Even then, it is still etched deeply into my memory—that goodbye was the most heartbreaking one.

I might have fallen into despair, but I stood my ground and stayed strong, not to fall in love again, after doing it a million times before. After being in love for so long, how it felt being finally “single” wasn’t bad at all. After all, there was totally nothing to worry about anymore. Yet, I still see myself constantly seeking for inspiration—the one thing I have lost when she finally left my life.

You know, sometimes I wished we were still together.
Sometimes, I wished that we were still close, like friends.
But I could never avoid being a distant stranger to the one I vowed never to fall in love again with.

And yet, I think I still miss her.


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